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Graffiti in all its forms is unsightly and maybe offensive. DJ Cleaning can offer a fast response to remove offensive graffiti and graffiti removal from many different surfaces and many different forms of graffiti.



Fly tipping

DJ Cleaning can remove a wide range of fly tipped waste e.g. asbestos waste, builders waste, oil waste/ oil spills, animal cadavers, guano, drug paraphilia, sharps, general waste, bodily fluid, faeces. DJ Cleaning can remove waste from difficult to reach areas such as ditches, woodland, beaches, both remote rural areas and urban areas




High level cleans of factories including deep cleans, clean of kitchens and food areas, chewing gum removal, sewage spill, floods, fire damage, high- level window cleaning, needle sweeps, back alley cleans




DJ Cleaning Ltd can safely remove and dispose of pigeon waste, pigeon carcasses, nests etc. clean down and disinfect the area leaving a clean and safe working environment. Click here to find out more

Asbestos removal

DJ Cleaning Ltd can remove all types of asbestos from commercial and domestic buildings.  Click here to find out more



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