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You’ve surely heard of asbestos and probably realise that it’s a bad thing. However, whilst understanding that asbestos is hazardous, many people don’t know exactly what it is.

Asbestos actually refers to a set of six naturally occurring materials: chrysotile, crocidolite, amosite, anthophyllite, tremolite and actinolite. The visible threads of asbestos comprise millions of microscopic fibres, each of which are extremely durable, as well as resistant to fire and the majority of chemical reactions.

It is this inherent strength that led to asbestos being applied everywhere from roofs, ceilings and floors, to concrete, bricks, pipes, fireplace surroundings, road vehicles and even garden furniture. Processed asbestos has a furry or fuzzy appearance, with its colour ranging from white or grey to brown or blue

After decades of widespread usage, alongside in-depth research into its dangerous character, asbestos was finally prohibited by law. The amosite and crocidolite types were banned in 1985, leaving chrysotile the only one used until finally being forbidden in 1999. The reason for the embargo was that the very thing that makes asbestos so hardwearing also makes it deadly. However, the industrialisation, mass production and housing booms of the last century had resulted in the substance growing in presence across the UK, from warehouses and shops, to farmhouses, offices, sheds and people’s homes.

Many buildings and structures still contain asbestos to this day, sometimes evading the knowledge of owners and tenants. This is why removal remains an essential trade that should only be executed by specialists with Class H equipment, as domestic vacuum cleaners will instead disperse the microfibres into the air.

At D J Cleaning Ltd., we pride ourselves on the intricate knowledge and expertise applied to every job. If you have asbestos on your premises, please get in touch right away and our trained professionals will ensure its safe, reliable and environmentally friendly removal.


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